Alexa Top Websites of the World by Ranking

Alexa is one of most popular web information company providing uptodate information about website ranking position world wide. Alexa regularly compile the list of top websites of the world by ranking by country and by category. Here is top 10 (top ten) websites of the world as

1. Google (The internet search giant, search internet, images, videos, blogs, news)
2. Facebook (World's largest social networking website)
3. Youtube (World's largest community video sharing website)
4. Yahoo (Large internet website providing multiple services including e-mail, photo sharing, autos, finance, news)
5. Baidu (China's largest search engine in Chines Language)
6. Wikipedia (Top Free Encyclopedia)
7. Windows Live (Microsoft Email services)
8. Blogspot (Free Blogging tool from Google)
9. Twitter (Most favorite micro blogging website of the world)
10. QQ (China largest internet website by Tencent)


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