How to Set PakSat 1R Satellite 38 E for PTV Sports and Other TV Channels

How to Set PakSat 1R Satellite 38 E
As the PTV Network including PTV Sports has been shifted from Asiasat 3S to Pakistan's only Satellite PakSat 1R at 38 degree East. Most of Pakistani Channels are at there on Paksat1R. Many people want to set their Satellite Dishes towards Paksat for receiving the PTV Sports and are in search for how to receive PTV Sports in Pakistan and other countries. So Howtozed bring an exclusive tip to receive and set the Paksat 1R with less effort. Simply you have to set your dish antenna at Asiasat 3S at 105.5 E and set it, now just move your Dish at the opposite side of AsiaSat 3S without disturbing the fitting of Dish Antenna. The Strong Frequency of PakSat 1R is 8XM Channel 3959 V 7234. The Direction of LNB should be the same as to setting the Intelsat 10 at 68 E, that mean the LNB Plate should be on your Right Side when setting the Paksat satellite. Search for direction of dish antenna at paksat at Howtozed.
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