SpareOne, Emergency Phone

SpareOne Emergency Phone
SpareOne introduced the world's first AA battery emergency phone with longest battery timing of about 15 years. This phone is among the brand of XPAL Power with product code of SPONEMI available in only $99 supporting GSM Band, 850/1900 mhz and 900/1800 mhz. The phone is very simple in his shape and works anywhere to use the GSM Cell Towers coverage area. This phone works without SIM case also by dialling the emergency Numbers like 911.There is a waterproof bag to protecting it from water and in hard weather situations works for you as your lifeline.  The battery of SpareOne Emergency Phone works for 10 hours talk time. SpareOne has the accessories of Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91, iPhone PIN, Micro SIM Adapter, User Manual, Waterproof Bag and How to Videos in the box.


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