Raspberry Pi Starter Kit by MakerShed in $129.99 Only

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

What is Raspberry Pi? It is a single board computer made by Raspberry of UK. It is a mini PC as your Credit Card widgth.  Almost all features of basic PC are in it including word processing and spreadsheet with playing the games on Raspberry Pi. The operating system of Raspberry Pi is Linux. You can play HD Video by attaching monitor of TV with Raspberry Pi. The official price of Raspberry Pi is $35, the Makershed offer Raspberry Pi Starter Kit with 512 MB in just $129.99 at best price. This starter kit inclues the basic peripherals and addons for Raspberry Pi. After purchasing this kit, you have to need a USB Keyhoard with Mouse. The USB and HDMI, Adafruit Cobbler GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) Breakout, and SD card are include the starter kit.


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