3D TV, List of Satellites Having 3D TV Programming

The era of 3D technology, the 3D Televisions are at their boom as it is also shown in the Consuemr Electronic Show (CES) 2013 where LG and Sony introducted the 4K 3D Televisions. At this time, the following satellites have the facility to broadcast 3D broadcasting.
Yahsat-1A 52.5°E, Türksat 2A/3A 42.0°E Ku, Eutelsat 36A/36B 36.0°E Ku, Astra 1G 31.5°E Ku, Eutelsat 28A, Astra 1N/2A/2B 28.2°E Ku, Astra 3A/3B 23.5°E Ku, Arabsat-2B 20.5°E C, Astra 1H/KR/L/M/2C 19.2°E Ku, Hot Bird 13A/13B/13C 13.0°E Ku, Eutelsat 10A 10.0°E Ku, Eutelsat 9A 9.0°E Ku, Eutelsat 7A 7.0°E Ku, Astra 4A 4.8°E Ku, Intelsat 10-02, Thor 5/6 1.0°W C/Ku, Amos 2/3 4.0°W Ku, E7WA, Nilesat 101/102/201 7.0°W Ku, Hispasat 1C/1D/1E 30.0°W Ku


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