PTV Sports, BTV National latest Key for T20 Cricket World Cup Sri Lanka

Live PTV Sports Pakistan
PTV Sports shifted to Paksat1R 38° and the Frequency of PTV Sports is 4004 V 3333 and Biss Key on PakSat1R is 71d3a9aac7f61ebb.
PTV Sports is most watched Satellite Television Channel in Pakistan for its live coverage of Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. People across the world are watching live World T20 Cricket World Cup only on PTV Sports, the official sports TV Channel of Pakistan run by Pakistan Television Corporation Islamabad. PTV Sports shows live cricket match of World Cup Twenty-Twenty in Partnership with TEN Sports of Dubai.The PTV Sports uses Biss Encryption System for Broadcasting the Cricket Matches on AsiaSat 3S Satellite at 4090-13333 Frequency. The people who has Cable TV System in Urban Areas, have access to this TV Channel via Cable Television Networks but the people which are using Dish Antennas in Remote areas where there is no Cable TV System for watching satellite programes but as the transmission of PTV Sports is encrypted with Biss System, the people are often in search of latest Biss Key of PTV Sports, which is regularly updated in this website. The latest and updated Biss Key of PTV Sports for watching live cricket match of World Cup in Sri Lanka is as under: -As Twenty-Twenty Cricket World Cup has started in Sri Lanka from Today. PTV Sports Pakistan broadcasting this live event exclusively on Satellite Television Networks. So if you are interested to watch live cricket match of T20 Cricket World Cup, follow these instructions. The full information to Tune PTV Sports and latest Biss Key for Opening it scrambled position is as under: -

Frequency 4091 V 13333 
Biss Key is  71D3A9AAC7F61EAA
BTV National Key is  D2 34 5A 60 BC 67 8F B2

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