Apple iWatch! is it reality or rumor? What is iWatch, Features, Price, Specifications

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Apple Corporation is already at top position to making creative, reliable gadgets for people specially their iPhone, iPad, iPod and iMac with other gadget related accessories which are highly demanded by the people of the world. Now it it unofficial news that Apple is working on iWatch, however the specifications of iWatch are not disclosed yet by any source. It is very difficult at this stage to guess the price of Apple iWatch and capability of that Nano watch. This can be the Watch-Phone by Apple. However, one thing is clear that this Apple Wrist iWatch will be record breaking gadget by Apple created ever in the history. Now the question arise that "Is Apple iWatch real or just a dream?" Technology lover just can wait for this series of iWatches by Apple. However, when it will be ready, it will be on Apple's Store for sale.


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