What is New in Windows 8.1, latest Windows by Microsoft

Windows 8.1, Microsoft Latest Windows Version, Windows 8
Microsoft has given us the first look of Windows 8.1, the newest version of Microsoft Windows. A major question about Windows 8.1 is that “What is New in Windows 8.1?” So this article is about the new Apps in Windows 8.1. There are Help and Tips App at Start Screen of Windows 8.1 Interface. However some OEMs have made their own help topics like Dell and HP. There are improved Apps in latest Windows 8.1 which are built in Metro Style Apps which are expandable with Mail, Messaging, People and Calendar. The new App in Windows 8.1 of Music App is not well like Windows 8 which is mess up with Xbox online music service with DJ feature. There is a new Glorified Webcam Control Panel specially for Camera Application of Windows 8.1 with Microsoft’s own PhotoSynth Technology for creation and stitching the panoramas.


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