Compaign of Facebook against Google

Social web site Facebook to discredit his rival for Google has started a special campaign. Social networking Web site Facebook, admitted that the anti-Google privacy of the users for stories of hiring a PR firm, are kept. In this regard, details come out then when a blogger and PR firm Burson Marsteller e-mail exchange between published. During the campaign PR firm Burson Marsteller as an unknown user on Google's social circle was making different stories. After the publication of emails of this type remain in circulation even rumors that Google and other competitors Microsoft and Apple to spread such rumors are distracted, however, a U.S. website revealed that The Daily Best in spreading rumors against Google Social web site Facebook is involved. Second by Facebook also admitted that errors and weaknesses of Google to bring a PR firm hired Burson Marsteller though Facebook says that a campaign to discredit Google is not part of

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