Future smart clothing will keep your mood positive

Experts in the near future radically different from today will be our clothes .. different colors in the coming days our clothes, style and different types of clothes will be ready. Future fashion by the named Smart Fashion Because we can only wear clothes but it will not be for covering syaasaby to decrease tensions and to keep your mood positive would also help. These days the U.S. state of Maryland in the future like a college work being on clothes is.

Reading College of Art Matthew a student a special dress bride are ready. She says that my sight dlhnyn uses very traditional clothing. Kylbas them should start being more interesting.

He put clothes in small controllers that are not damaged dlny. She says that you can wear such sensors which temperature, light and movement to be controlled.

Reading a party uyrunyka aulsyn We have developed a jacket that such control may be nerves. He says I put this jacket that such micro-processors, nervous tension of the body reaches a certain limit audio player installed in clothes will automatically start running that will encourage the wearing of jackets.

Queen Brick leaf college professor in the Department of fiber. Two years ago he and the traditional clothes akysuyn century modern style combined smart textile research laboratory was established.

They say the future is my sight. We all know that modern technology things are getting younger. Now technology in the form of short sales has come before. And her art, fashion and technology will get to see many changes.

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