Amazon Kindle Fire Launched by Jeff Bezos, CEO

Amazon Kindle Fire Intoduction
CEO of Jeff Bezos finally showed their Tablet namely Kindle Fire which is modern version of Amazon Kindle. This tablet announced by Amazon for competing Tablet-War between Apple, Samsung and other player of that technology. Apple has iPad in their basket and Samsung has Galaxy Tab in their pocket. Recently HP TouchPad was annouced by Hwelett-Packard which was laterly sale out at $99.'s Kindle is world best selling e-book reader tablet with top class features for reading onlline newspapers, e-book, magazines, newsletter and so other.

Amazon Kindle Fire Price
The cost of Amazon Kindle Fire is set by the company in start is $199, however Apple's iPad is of $499.

Amazon Kindle Fire Specification
KindleFire weight is 14.6 ounce, dual core processor with protective 7 inches Gorilla Glass Display has capacity to show Sixteen million colors. It has 8GB Storage capacity for storing movies, e-books, sounds etc.

Amazon Kindle Fire Photos
Here are some pictures of Amazon Kindle Fire


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