Aakash! World's cheapest Tablet PC aka Computer made by India

India has already made world's cheapest car "NANO ", now made world's cheapest teblet PC (computer) namely AAKASH  which has been launched in Delhi. Is being said that the price will be between fifteen hundred rupees bayys while making it cost more than that. Government is getting ready for their poor students who live in remote rural areas that were provided by the Government on your computer to download educational materials.

Install them in remote and rural area schools so that children would be educated with other computers can also be given basic education. Many are paid in Indian market and Indian companies like Airtel and Reliance are also available, but many Tablet Tablet Akash, India's leading Institute in IT is developed. Asmbyl it would be in India and the Government will give special discount in the price. There are reports that the promotion and development of education by the Ministry of Education is part of a larger scheme. According to some experts, educational activities for their students every year to spend so much money on books, and all material on this Tablet PC will be able to.


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