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US based computer company Apple's former Chief Executive Steve Jobs has died in 56 years. Steve's intelligence, dedication and ability to lead to numerous innovations that became part of the common man's life.

World's business leaders and the U.S. company Apple's former chief executive and co-founder Steve Jobs paid tribute to late are. Steve Jobs's death and Russian President Dmitry, Obama expressed his regret that Steve Jobs has had to change the world.

Obama said that "Steve was one of America's great mujdun its bold nature of the different thought, was so brave that he was confident that he can change the world and was so capable that they can. Computer software, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said "the impact of technology jobs in the world will be felt for many generations. Us who are fortunate to work with them and it was an honor . I will miss Steve.

According to Social interaction website Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs as a trusted counselor and friend will remember. Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his message, friend and counselor to be very reliable, thanks to show the world that you create can be changed, I'll miss you very much. Popular public figures from a number of social contacts of the Web site Facebook, and YouTube Twitter has paid tribute to Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs death Twitter record number of messages have been posted. Internet users in China had three million users have paid tribute to Steve Jobs. The worldwide appeal of the stores out of thousands of people put flowers and light lamps and offer tributes to Steve Jobs. Apple says that the world is better than Steve. He was world famous and renowned in Burns and he introduced the iPhone and iPod. His death came from Apple's new phone models being released a month later. He has so much influence within the company and had confidence that I never heard about another company might have.

A year later he left the workshop and make a video game company Atari, so I got a job to go to India to collect money. He went back to work at Atari and a local computer club with your friends uuznyak joined. Uuznyak the computer was making his own design. Jobs in nineteen hundred seventy-six of the fifty msynyun uuznyak sales and orders received in advance. The electronic distribution of goods on credit from other institutions were successful in getting parts. He eventually became a loan or any other commercial partnership with the 'Apple News' names put into a machine.

Jobs put their company name on his favorite fruit Apple. Or was it intentional or accidental, the Apple name in the phone book before beginning to rival Atari. The new machine was expensive and better jobs uznyk with the help of a local investor from the half million dollar loan. These three together, Apple Computer, a company created with the name. The new model nineteen hundred ninety three, in instant success and productivity by eliminating more than six million computers were sold. But Apple jobs in the company's management experience and professional concerns regarding the lack of decision-making were found.

In nineteen hundred cuarsy macon tus expensive invented the Apple computer was introduced to the financial difficulties faced. In nineteen hundred cuarsy tus McCain invented the Apple computer introduced was expensive and faced financial difficulties. Reduction in authoritative style of sales and jobs in the company's employees left the company in wrath nytjh of consolidation that started the war and jobs were displaced from the company. Apple After Jobs called NeXT Computer in the nineteen hundred and fifty made. A year after "Star uarz director of the George School Grafixs group bought them. Steve Jobs took the company name and a very expensive pksar anymysn Hardware Software filmmakers including Walt Disney used to make. Computer manufacturing jobs from its focus on the computer have to be expended by flumun aynymytd features. Nineteen hundred and ninety five in the film The Toy Story greatest success. The film world more than thirty million profit. The A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo and Monestars Inc., also won The.

Forty million dollars a year after Apple bought NeXT and Jobs returned to Apple as chief executive. Two thousand iPod was introduced in the demand of the music. And soon their simple design and a unique white quality of IT has become a symbol of style. Two thousand five Disney Pixar their jobs to buy shares worth seven billion dollars paid to the individual after Walt Disney Co. became the owner of most shares. Innovation and expensive after two years was introduced. Of this new phone stores to purchase a large number of fans are gathered outside. Very close to two thousand eight, Mac Book Air, the name of the computer was introduced. Two thousand jobs in April of nine liver transplant after which she quickly fit in.. However, Apple announced that in two thousand eleven jobs are on leave due to ill health.


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