Apple's former Chief Steve Jobs has died today

A founder and former Chief Executive of Apple , Steve Jobs  has died. His age was 56 years and nearly a decade had suffered from cancer.

Apple's website on wednesday urged the company in a statement that a man with imagination and creativity, while the fundamentalist world has lost an extraordinary person. The company also said that Steve Jobs of Apple will always be spirit. President Obama  also expressed his condolences over the death of a written statement by Steve Jobs has said that he was one of the top mujdun. He said that Steve Jobs changed the 'map' of industries and the Internet to bring within the reach of ordinary people nasrf but also as an entertainment medium. Steve Jobs, chief executive of the appeal in August, resigned from the post. Them to trigger cancer in 2003 and 2009 was also the cost of liver transplantation.

Twenty-February 1955 created the Steve Jobs in college access studies had left. His upbringing in California  that were in the same Silicon Valley  has been named the U.S. technology industry has a hub. Video game designer Steve Jobs in 1974 abandoned a job as a technician in the company and went in search of spiritual enlightenment. He returned to America with his friend Steve uaznyak start in his garage and built the first Apple computer.


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