Apple iPhone 4S Released in United States and Asian countries

As iPhone 4S is released now, people are rushing to Apple Stores for buying iPhone 4S that is touchscreen slate smartphone which is developed by Apple. This iPhone is 5th generation smartphone with wide screen iPod.

Previously that phone was annouced and showed at iPhone event at Apple's Let's Talk on October 4 2001 at Cupertino California. Initially iPhone 4S was annouced for 7 countries including Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and United States.

The iPhone 4S initially released over 100 mobile carriers which included AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and C Spire in United States and KDDI / Okinawa Cellular for Japan. Apple is in very tough competation in tablet war also with Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire, and also with Nokia and Microsoft Venture for Windows Phone / Tablet.


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