How to Check Mobile Phone Original or Not? A Short How to

Many people who purchase new smartphone  did not know that this mobile is original (geniune) or clone while buying from shop or online store. If you are buying new mobile phone, then this trick is suited to you. Trick is simple, just press *#06#, Your Mobile's IMEI  (Iternational Mobile Equipment Identity) number appears. Then See the Digit No. 7th and 8th, if

  • these are 02 or 20 (mean it is Assembled in UAE  having Poor Quality)
  • 08 or 80 (mean it is manufactured in Germany  Good in Quality)
  • 01 or 10 (mean it is manufactured in Finland  with Good Quality)
  • 00 (mean that it is original factory manufactured having best Mobile Quality
  • 13 (mean that it is Assembled in Azerbaijan  with bad enough quality and dangerous for health)


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