Samsung profit decreasing after entry in Tablet Market

 Seoul, South Korea: A said by Company official of Samsung Electronics the profit decresed by 23% quarterly. This is due to low demand of Samsung flat panels and computer chips for mobile phones which is now being supplied by Apple Inc. Samsung is the world largest manugacturer of LCD (liquid crystal displays) and memory chips for mobiles. The loss detail for each business of Samsung is as:

  • Display Panel Bbsiness : 81.5 million
  • Semiconductor businesses: $8.6 billion
  • Telecommunications business: $13.4 billion

In a research, it is said that almost 28 Million Smart Phones has been saled out from the company in third quarter which led the company against Apple iPhone shipments. Samsung also said that they are strong yet for their Flat Panel TV sales which is increasing also and there is increase in flash chips which are used in mobile devices which will cause for revenue increase of Samsung.

Samsung has also a court crises with Apple for copying Galaxy with iPhone and iPad designs which are against the patents of Apple Design.


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