Most Popular Words of Twitter Declared by Social Networking Interaction Website

Most popular words on Social interaction Website Twitter has been declared and the most common and popular word on Twitter was Egypt or Egyptian and the second one was Tiger Blood. The other words include Comedy show by Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men with my teeth Leopard is dripping blood. Twitter website has also declared most discussed topics on twitter. In the News category, there is on top words Egyptian revolution, the U.S. military action against Usama Bin Laden and Japan for the earthquake and tsunami.

On the topic of Food, the most discussed word was Mick lobster. This term was for sandwich of McDonalds whichi s being sold in Canada but not in United Stats. Music first name in the list of titles was a singer who ever knew until this year was an unknown. Rebecca Blake 'Fried', a song which was released on YouTube a lot of fun in the media was. The thing that surprises most popular young singer Justin byybr not appear on the list above.

But it was Charlie Sheen stars in the top names in British Ricky jaruys, Colin firth and stomach were pustlthuyt. Ricky jaruys hosted this year's Golden glubz Colin firth and the film 'King's Speech' in 'King George VI, the won Oscars for the role. pustlthuyt stomach was the year the death occurred.


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