NASA discovered Earth's Twin Planet Kapler B-22

NASA Astronomy experts have confirmed that a planet moves in an orbit which is 'worth living' is discovered. The NASA Astronomy experts called its Earth's Twins Planet. The astronomical satellite called Kapler B-22 light years away from Earth and six hundred and two decimal four percent larger than Earth's volume.

But experts are not yet clear that the planet rock, gas and water-based or not. NASA's planet-finding conference where the announcement was about a thousand four new candidate, claimed to detect planets. Kepler 22 fifteen percent less than its distance from the Sun on the Earth and its year is 290 days. But Kepler 22, 25 percent of the sun than Earth's sun provides less heat. According to experts, Kepler 22 Status bayys Celsius weather and pleasant temperatures, which indicates the presence of water maaya. Ayms Research Center NASA said William Boracay luck smiles on us and we discover that the planet has.

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