Google Chrome Top Application Extensions for Smooth Surfing

Google Chrome is much popular in internet browsers. For working and using Google Chrome, they have Google Chrome Web Store for Apps for Chrome. Here is list of top Chrome Extensions ever on internet.

  1. YouTube! World Top Video Sharing Community
  2. GMail! Fast, Searchable with less spam email service
  3. AngryBirds! The Top Web Game
  4. AdBlock! The Most Popluar Extension for Google Chrome
  5. ABP (AdBlockPlus)! Another amazing Application for Google Chrome
  6. Google Calender! Free Online Google  Calender
  7. Google Mail Checker! Check the unread / new emails with Google Mail Checker
  8. Google Maps! Get Right Directions with Street Views with Google Maps
  9. FB Photo Zoom! Let View The Facebook Photos with this Application


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