How to Recover Data from Hard Disk Driver in Microsoft Windows

The most demanding software / service for individual or companies is Data recovery from the Hard Disk Drives which they lose often during working due to many reasons. The process to recover such stolen data called Data Recovery. Some times this recovery can be done with specific software for data recovery by many companies or sometimes by Operating System Commands. Data can be damaged by corrupted or not accessible from Hard Disk. The main reason for data damaged is operating system failure from Hard Disk.

There are also many data recovery techniques available in the field of computer technology using tricks other than software used for data recovery. These techniques repair the bad sectors of hard disk and make them usable in operating system.

The popular software used for data recovery are Knoppix, SpinRite, SystemRescueCD, Ultimate Boot CD for Windows, Trinity Rescue Kit. In the Consistency checkers, there are CHKDSK, Disk First Aid, Disk Utility, FSCK and for File Recovery, there are utilities like dvdisaster, CD Roller, ISOBuster, Test Disk, PhotoRec, Recuva, Total Recovery, Norton Utilities, Data Life Saver, Get Data Back, File Salvage, Mac Data Recovery Ruru and TuneUP Utilities.

In Forensics, there are The Coroner's Toolkit, The Sleuth Kit, UNIX, EnCase, Forensic Toolkit FTK and Open Computer Forensics Architecture which runs on Linux.


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