Cell Phone Jammer (Mobile Phone Jammer) Information

The Cell Phone Jammer (aka Jamming Device) is a device used for blocking the signals from base station of cellular phone operator. This device disable the signal of base station for reaching Mobile Phones in the vicinity where the device is used. This device is widely used in the sensitive places for security reasons of high profile personalities. The mobile phone jammer works through an antenna for receiving and sending signals. This device has voltage controlled oscillator in it with tunic circuit and noise generator with RF amplification gain stage. Now with the latest technology, there are also portable cell phone jammer available in the electronics market. The people interested to buying the Cell Phone Jammer can contact with Dealport Jamaica for Hidden Antenna Cellphone Jammer works with 3G, GSM in only $190.63 and Portable Cellphone Jammer in $39.78 from Full-Mania. This Silencer Portable Handheld Full Spectrum CDMA GSM 3G in $229.99 from eCrater Thenewvizion.


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