Raspberry Pi launched by Raspberry Pi Foundation UK

As a new and latest development for micro Computers, the Raspberry Pi Foundation UK has developed single board computer with the minimum price of $25, $35 (£16, £22). The acceptance of orders initially only from UK are started from 29 February 2012. This PC will help the students in new technology in minimum price set for this single board PC. This system is based on Broadcom BCM 2835 Chip with 700 MHz processor, Video Core IV GPU with 256 MB RAM. The Raspberry Pi is without Hard Disk because the memory will be used of SD Card with Linux Kernel Operating System in it. This PC will support Python Programming Language. The orders for Raspberry Pi will be accepted on http://www.raspberrypi.org.

The Raspberry Pi developed in UK and supposed to be built from China. Raspberry Foundation has joined hand with two British companies Premier Farnell and RS Components for selling out the units of that computer.


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