Where to Get Samsung Galaxy with Best Packages?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is most popular smartphone in United States and is available from different cellular Companies of US. Here is small list of networks who are giving Samsung Galaxy SIII with Voice and Data Plans at their best.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III offering it at $199.99 only with 4G LTE with 16 GB Data. It is available in Blue, White and Red Colors.
Samsung Galaxy S III by Sprint with offer of 16GB data in only $199.99 and with 32GB in $249 only. This package includes 3G, 4G LTE with Google Wallet.
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III offers with HSPA with 16GB data in Blue and White Colors with the option of 32GB Data.
U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S III offers it in 16GB and 32GB data plan with 4G LTE and 3G.
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III giving it with 16GB data plan in only $199.99 and 32GB in $249 with 4G LTE.


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