Best Online Storage Websites for Cloud Storage

The demand and search for reliable online file storage is increasing day by day and there are many companies who are giving online storage facility free of cost for their customers. This demand creates a huge competition between the free online storage services companies like Google, SpiderOak, Dropbox and others to make it better for reliable services. The users of Internet want to store their files online free of cost and prefer the service which is reliable and free for basic use giving limited free space for storing the files, photos and other media files. The SpiderOak giving 2GB free space for file storing and sharing. It has a wonderful online syncing and storage tool with full security. Dropbox is another online storage place also giving 2GB free space for online file sharing. After these, there is OpenDrive, which gives 5GB of free space with syncing tool and other useful features for easy to use the service. The Google Drive is at top for online file sharing, photo storage, software warehouse and other media files with full security and integrated with other other Google account like Gmail, Google+ and other Google online services.


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