List of Speakers at Expand Event, San Francisco, United States

The Engadget, popular technology blog organizing the first of its kind technology event in San Francisco, United States on 16, 17 March 2013, with the title of Engadget Expand. They invited the highly motivated guest speakers at the event. The official full list of the Speakers at Expand is as under, as published by Engadget official blog.

Chris Anderson: CEO, 3D Robotics and former editor-in-chief, Wired
Scott Croyle: Vice President of Design, HTC
Ryan Block: Co-founder of gdgt
Avi Reichental: President and CEO, 3D Systems
Julie Uhrman: Founder and CEO, OUYA
Walter de Brouwer: CEO and Founder, Scanadu
Veronica Belmont: Co-host, Tekzilla
Gene Munster: Research Analyst – Devices & Internet, Piper Jaffray
Yancey Strickler: Co-founder and Head of Community, Kickstarter
Steve Cousins: CEO, Willow Garage
Tom Rivellini: Mars Science Laboratory Entry Descent and Landing Lead Mechanical Engineer at NASA/JPL
Michael Laine: President, LiftPort Group
Idan Cohen: Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Boxee
Dennis Miloseski: Head of Design Studio, Samsung Design America
Maxim Lobovsky: Co-founder, Formlabs
Gerard Furbershaw: Co-founder and COO, LUNAR


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