Europe Internet Broadband Services Satellite launched

Continent of Europe Internet broadband services in remote areas to provide the first satellite was sent into space. The satellite area on Friday named five rocket from French Guiana by the left. High Police drraz areas away via satellite and broadband Internet facilities in rural areas could be where high-speed internet access still was impossible. Badyh cuntys minutes to be sent into space satellite successfully entered its orbit, and now experts on space rocket to the right place for weeks will witness.

The first signal being sent from the High Police immediately received by India has a antenna.
Hayyly aydaptd satellite (Hollywood Police) use communication auanty first commercial lines and London began, however, European Space ayjnysy (that) the public funds to further improve the technology was syas.

High Police ayndyra kutylsyla project manager told the BBC that the spacecraft is small but reliable. According to their spacecraft is so flexible that by auanty gram could cover the market areas.

He added that it usually sytlayts frykunysy is already in space and can not be changed.

Ayndyra kutylsyla High Police said the movement can be controlled from the Control Center. According to their high speed is very important that Police and rapidly changing market with auanty may face....

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