Facebook improves its messesging services like MSN Live, Yahoo, Gtalk

Facebook improve your messaging system for SMS, instant messaging, e-mail and Facebook to chat includes a new messaging system is organized.
Facebook founder Mark zkrbrg it on Monday told a special ceremony.

Prior to the announcement had been rumors circulate that Facebook Google competition is going to start your e-mail service. Zkrbrg said however that the system 'e-mail is not'.

He said that unlike instant messaging system based on this system is designed and the use of Facebook users regardless of the way until phncayyga outgoing messages.

Mark zkrbrg said 'This messaging will follow all procedures with which you want to contact others'. He said' This email is not killer, but instant messaging system that which is a part of e-mail '.
Facebook founder says that the new system four ways messaging, SMS, instant messaging, e-mail and Facebook will chat together and using your email account also on Facebook However, it will not be able to make mandatory.

The system engineers who build team leader Andrew buzurth said 'that he should be allowed to users who want to divide people. We want to join them in this way people connected as they want'.

He said that this new system during the next few months work will start the first phase will be invited to users that they use and tell your comments.

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