YouTube ban lifted in Turkey

Turkey's government two years ago has banned the YouTube.
Two years ago, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gzstaky glory after the video aired was banned.

Transport Minister bnaly yldrm that problems connected to the Internet are also in charge of the Turkish government said that YouTube site owner is in contact with Google.

He said that continuing the ban is no longer objective because YouTube video that is controversial.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Turkey clear that gzstaky glory and questioned the idea of Turkey's illegal.

Due to the video on YouTube was banned in Egypt it was published on YouTube by some users and I told Kamal Atatürk was homosexual and to trkyun.

Turkish Speaking at a program on TV said Mr yldrym to withdraw the ban 'Common scenes' victory is.
He said that ending the ban and his work was not easy htuany video.

'We hope he will have learned from experience that this mistake will not happen again and now YouTube's legal here in Turkey, within its operation will run.'

YouTube said in a statement that they received such reports that some people in Turkey have access to YouTube.

In 2007 Turkey's Parliament a legislation in which the court this freedom was that he almost any Web site ban can in which just this fear that the content through the crime attempted is.

In this list are the eight crimes are pornography, gambling, prostitution and denigrating the dignity of Kamal Atatürk....

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