6 Steps to Start a blog and earn money online

Blogging has changed the face of internet as well as web development. After its beginning, bloggers are in search of make money online with PPC or Affiliated Networks with their niche blogs. No doubt, it has never been easier then before to do such. Every blog hosting service has its own built-in templates for bloggers, it is blogger who choose right template for him. A very common person who has little knowledge of computer and internet can publish his own niche blog on any topic like his own daily diary. The basic thing required for blog is its content and daily traffic, which is not such possible like start a blog.

Read following short guide tell you that how to start a blog and earn money with it? 

1-     First think about the niche topic according to your choice. You must have enough knowledge about the niche.

2-     Choose the free blog hosting website by searching Google. In my opinion, Google’s Blogger is best, other than wordpress, livejournal, weebly are best.

3-     Choose your blog domain according to your topic. Try to keep it according to your main keyword about your topic. For example if you are starting a blog with the theme “how to of technology, lifestyle”, then your blog domain should be like this http://howtozed.blogspot.com

4-     Now it is step to write content for blogs, so just try to share your knowledge with your blog visitors and try to write according to your topic. Your content should be helpful and unique. Because there is lot of content or articles on many webpages, so be careful for creating fresh content.

5-     Now it is time to bring visitors to your blog. For this purpose, submit your blog to blog search engines like Google Blog Search, Technorati and give the introduction of your blog. Joint Social Networking Webstie and introduce your blog their. Also joint social bookmarking website like Digg.com, Twitter, Google Buzz and bookmark your blog post their.

6-     Now it is time that how to get backlinks for your blog? Backlinks are the links that are coming through another website or blog towards your blog or website which make your blog rank higher. This will be done if you have proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog. Try to get some backlinks from well PR and good authority websites. Because the backlinks are most effect way of increasing the web traffic to your blog. This will be very helpful to increase your online earnings if your run PPC or Affiliate Network through your blog.

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