Reasons for synchronizing mobile phone to PC

Synchronizing means that you can connect your mobile phone directly to you pc. After synchronizing we can it possible to handle phone call, email sending and receiving, instance messaging and SMS. We can also download favorite TV show, best movies and great music like MP3, MP4, I-Tunes, 3gp etc. With synchronization we can transfer pictures with out friends and family. This is very interesting and useful that we can connect anywhere around the world any time. Because synchronize the phone to PC is very useful for transferring personal info, our default setting data. With this we keep our setting and data up to data as we are at home or at work.
Sometime we have an assignment with PC and have not synced to our phone, we can fail to notice that appointment. If we setting up activities missing from our home with phone and our phone are not sync with upto date timetable on our PC, we can miss scheduled time and call dentist, piano teacher, or doctor to rearrange. Frequently, we have to recompense for those fail to notice activities. Plus, we go through aggravate of postponement.
The newest edition of Windows Phone makes it constant easier to remain track of engagements. The new today screen that comes into view when we turn on our phone illustrates our engagements and calls missed by us, the messages we cannot read before and to do list. New Lock screen displays new communication and engagements not including requiring you to go into a PIN as the phone is locked, all at the same time on condition that access to mute, speakerphone, hold and other tasks for the period of calls, so we do not ignore a single task. Call it rendezvous indemnity.

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