Facebook-Skype combination for Video Calling for Social Networking

As starting of Google+ (aka Google Plus), which is also giving video chat facility to their users as Groups Video Calling for free, Facebook in response this has announced partnership with Skype for Video Calling for Social Networking also free of cost. This service of Facebook is additional to his early photo sharing service. Now, question is this that how facebook video calling works? the answer is very easy that there will be special icon for video calling in Facebook in colliboration with Microsoft Skype for making video chat with your Facebook friends. As Skype is now part of Microsoft, and Microsoft has a big share in Facebook, will helping Facebook to compete Google for his newly annouced service Google+ which is limited to users and is now in testing phase and will be soon available for whole world but Facebook has millions of users around the world already, so it is very difficult for Google to gain such amount of users in short time and have to do muct hard work to achieve this target of heavy users database.


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