Google Plus "Google+", A new begning of Social Media Networking War between Web Search Giant and Facebook

As the launching of Google Plus (Google+), the battle between social networking website has begun. The people are thinking that Google Plus will be vital competator of Facebook and Twitter. But in the other end, Google Plus take more time to get the users like Facebook and Twitter. So it is very hard to get much of users around the world having millions of users social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter because most people around the world, are using social networking website other than Google Plus alreay. It is Facebook, who has millions of users around web community after its success launching by Mark Zuckerberg by founding the first ever of its kind website around web naming it Facebook.

There is no doubt that Google has one and only search giant in the field of internet searching, but it needs more attention to get social networking customers like Facebook, Twitter and many on. It is hope that Google will gain this milestone to achieve their users like others.


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