How to get Google Plus Invitation? A brief about invitation of Google+, Get Ready to GooglePlus

Google Plus invitation is closed yet for new users as Google+ is in testing phase. After its full testing in full swill, it will be released from beta to open for all. Yesterday, Google announced that the users presently using Google Plus can invite other of their friends for doubling the users of this social networking service for more tests. So this is great opportunity for account holder of Google Plus that they can expand their social networking database inviting their friends to user Google Plus for new method of contacts with video chating. It is now depends upon Google that how they release full of its social site for general public but is is hope when they release it full, this will be the most visited website and everyone visiting Google Plus for social networking instead Facebook and Twitter like websites. Because Google has alredy defeated in this field with starting Google Friend Connect, Google Buzz and Google Circles.

Apple Apps announced that its total downloads increased above 15 Billion and are increasing day by day, it shows the popularity of the Apple App Store.


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