Faster Than Light Travel Experience a success again

European scientists have repeated done experiment for travel faster than light again the apparent success of Ion Stayn advocates of this doctrine, under which nothing can travel faster than light.In September, the European nuclear research laboratory, Saran, from scientists claimed that during the experiments, the Atomic, which is determined by the particles travel at a speed greater than light.During this experience with the speed of light traveling in Italy with Laboratory the Saran seven hundred kilometers along the Grand Laboratory law was sent back to the speed of light neutrino with a second ago.

Now these scientists have performed better this experience and say that the 'neutrino' particles that travel faster than light. This experience has been called up and this time team experience repeated twenty times and the result is the same every time.Critics of previous experience in the Atomic particles and the objection on the long-time experience gchun small gchy were used.

Opera team member Antonio arydytatu said this experience confirms earlier views and possible errors in the system is far her influence was probably mainly.According to him, we believe that it is not possible but now we have evidence that it is a reminder that the story is not over yet.The results of this experiment will start the verification process may take several months and experienced scientists who announced the review process is continuing.Atomic Ion Stayn  extension modern physics is considered a key and fundamental principles and science correspondent for the BBC if the limit is the speed of light, then time travel is possible.


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