Plan for increasing capacity of Lithium batteries

Scientists say that day is not far when mobile phones and laptop computers, batteries are charged not only taken a short time period, but their use will also be increased by ten times. U.S. scientists from Northwestern University lythym ayyun bytryz ability to increase the use of these elements changes. Under such a change in the millions of batteries are also very small hole and the mass movement of Lithium ayyunz will play a key role in this technique.

Scientists estimate that it be made with unique techniques bytryz next five years will be available in the market. This technique will be developed under the battery to charge it and it only takes fifteen minutes a week will need to be recharged. Battery re-charging to increase the speed of the four nano-meter-wide hole in the base from which to move more quickly and charge Lithium ayyunz the opportunity to save. However, after Dr. King's charge that the half a hundred times over a period of one year will generally, the battery on the market today, five times more effective than the battery will ayyun Lithium.


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