Google Music Launched against Apple iTunes

Google's online music store in the United States has launched for software application on the Android device owners who buy and MP III Streaming files will be supported. Store it in the library are a million and three million songs, e-MI, including Sony Music and Universal Studio companies helped build the library.

However, Warner Music Group decided not to sell their songs are in the store.The online music store in 2003, appearing in the Apple Store tyunz try to reduce the monopoly is being considered. The idea that a new study from July to September this year as the worldwide smart phone sales are half of them work under Android system. Instead, Apple's market share during this period, fifteen percent is near.

Google's new service to its network of social contacts as part of Google's pulse.Google Plus members can share songs with other people in and buy the song before they even hear once free will. Google Music ansth cents on a dollar-nine cents worth of songs made up on their D and R M is not subject to copyright protection. This service is currently available in the U.S. and other countries of the world on Google immediately in any plan has to provide. A. I have not spoken.


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