Latest Biss Key PTV Sports, Geo News, Geo Middle East on PakSat 1R

With the move of PTV Network from AsiaSat 3S to PakSat 1R, it is most important to share the latest Biss Keys for PTV Sports and Geo News and Geo Middle East on some place. So now you are at the right place to find the latest keys of PTV Sports and Geo News. The Geo News is largest news network of Pakistan which is also at AsiaSat 3S at 105.5 E and telecast the latest Urdu News related to Pakistan and International Affairs including the politics, sports, health, entertainment and also the media sponsor for revival of Pakistani cinema in Pakistan. 
The Latest Biss Key of PTV Sports is 129 DECCC 23 FC75CC
The Latest Biss Key of Geo News/Geo Middle East is 10 6C F9 00 BC 5B 4F 00


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