15 top websites for students must visit

Students are often looking for much and much information relating to their study like hungry man. The internet is full of junk content and it is very difficult to students to choose right content for them for educational purpose, because they need some authentic material for their learning.

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Here is short guide with educational website, where students can search right information at right time. These websites are very useful for students as well for parents. Students must have bookmarked them for future reference for completing homework and other school projects regarding research.
1.      Information Literacy: University of Idaho, information literacy primer.

2.      ipl2: Internet Public Library & Librarians, ipl2 Librarian reference service

3.      Refdesk: Homework Helper

4.      Fact Monster: Reference Desk

5.      Microsoft Download Center: Microsoft applications, utilities, updates and plugins for Windows and Mac. There are internet tools, mobile devices, developer resources, computer games and security essentials. Search by keywords facility available.

6.      HowStuffWorks

7.      Microsoft Worldwide Downloads site:

8.      Science Made Simple

9.      Microsoft Student Experience

10. Shakespeare Online

11. Novelguide.com

12. FreeTranslation

13. Project Gutenberg

14. Internet History Sourcebook Project

15. Math.com


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