Importance of Memory (RAM) when buying New Computer

 If you are planning to get new personal computer, then you must thought about its memory that how much enough memory will be better for your work, which can be useful for your work speed. Because if a PC has less or low memory, will hurdle your work speed as well yourself.
For selecting memory is totally depends upon you that what nature of work you will have to do with that computer. Selecting less memory for your PC will frustrate your work and down the speed of computer. Therefore you should buy more and more memory (RAM) as you can afford for better results that will give pleasure you about your work speed.

Random Access Memory aka RAM is much busier part of computer, every time it works when you run any software or application, connecting to internet, playing the games and checking of emails. RAM also performed when a computer virus runs in PC. The virus uses the RAM, which reduces the speed of computer.

RAM required for different Windows versions:

·        512 MB for Windows XP and Windows Vista Basic
·        1 GB for Windows Vista Premium and Ultimate
·        1.5 GM for Windows 7 Release

In addition to that figures, you need to add more RAM to your system enabling it useful according to your needs. For example, if you have Graphics Designing business, then you will have much enough memory in addition to your default. It will help you to do that work speedy, save your time and improve proficiency.


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