Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Phoes with Dual Processors

As the war for Android Based Phones has warm up, many big giants companies engaged to launch newer android phones with best features and reliability for the users. The main leader in this market is Google because of its Android OS.

Recently Microsoft and Nokia also get together for manufacturing Windows based mobile phone competing to Android Phones.

Samsung released two new Android based Mobile Phones which are also used as tablet and having dual core processors. The Phones are: 1) Samsung Galaxy SII, 2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

1) Samsung Galaxy SII: It is as Samsung previous model Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T. It is with thin body and textured from back. It has dual core processor.

2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: This phone is as Nvidia Tegra-2 and also has dual core processror in it and exact version of Google Honeycomb.


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