6 Tips for Optimizing Article Titles before submitting to Google News

Many webmasters have desire to be indexes in News gathering website through submitting their news or article feeds. Many publishers are using Press Releasing Websites to be available through Google News, Yahoo News or other news aggregator websites.  

Here are few tips that how Article or News Item Title be optimize for submitting to News Website:

1.      Title of article should be at top of article body.
2.      Title of Article Page in HTML
3.      Article title considered best which is consists of Ten Characters and between 2 to 22 words.
4.      Time and Date should not be included in the article title.
5.      The anchor text that points to related article of section pages should be matched to article and page.
6.      Make a News Site Map and submit it to desired News Website.

Keeping in mind the above 6 tips for creating content for news websites can be helpful for well indexing your websites for any search engine.

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