How to Improve Website or Blog ranking – Google Aspect

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 Google consider it very important for improving the website ranking in their search results page (SERP) that the site has relevant content on it with proper keywords which are used according to website theme or content.

Google’s policy is very strict about webmasters who produce web pages with several keywords in pages with no or little relevant content on it. The webmasters do this for improving their Google search engine ranking. Google has always move in action against these domains which try to improve the search ranking with keyword stuff and show only scrap or auto generating content with no reader interest. 
Google is very keen to penalize the sites which having affiliated links. Such websites earn money with PPC (pay per click) programes. These types of sites refer their visitors to affiliate partners but the sites self have no original content on it. Some webmasters create web pages only for search engines not for information seekers. These types of pages called Doorway pages.
The webmasters or bloggers, who are in practice to use content from highly visited websites for creating their web pages in random with irrelevant content. Such type of content is called scraped content and nothing has long term suitable for websites rankings. The webmasters should spend some time to create some unique content for their website which will be helpful to their visitor, which will increase your search engine ranking.
Some top suggestions for making unique content are:
1                    Writing Product Reviews
2                    Give Ratings
3                    Comparisons of Products
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