An Introduction to Amazon Kindle, The leader in E Book Reader

With the development of technology, the portable e-books are being used instead of paper books. Amazon Kindly is one the best electronic book reader gadget which is combination of hardware, software and connectivity. This device has been developed by Lab126 which is a company of which deals with wireless connectivity for users to browse, shop for, download and reading of blogs, newspapers, magazines and e-books.

The latest release of Kindly is its 3rd generation device called as Kindly 3 which was released on August 27 2010 with E Ink Pearl technology. Kindly has special software for many devices and platforms for Android, Max OS, Blackberry, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone 7. Amazon Kindle hardware based e-ink electronic paper.

Kindle’s parent company Amazon developed Kindle for PC applications, which are free to download for Windows versions. With these Apps it is possible to read books on PC without Kindle device. Kindle PC application also available for Mac computers, Kindle for Android, Apple iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry and Windows 7 mobile phones. 

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