China warns Microbloggers over to avoid spreading the rumors

Micro-blogging in China's most popular Web site to millions of potential customers who have received a warning message s to avoid spreading the rumors said. Siena pruayydr company said potential service users who, according to the company 'false information' to send messages based on their accounts will be suspended.

Last week, China's senior Communist Party officials had visited and told Sina that harmful and should stop the spread of false information. Correspondents say the popularity of micro-blogging sites to the Chinese government is facing difficulties in controlling sensitive information. Recently, a government think-tank said in China during the past year, more than one million Web sites have been closed.

Authorities in China in recent years has strict rules on the Internet. Members of civil rights advocates criticized the Chinese authorities to censor Web sites on the Internet Great Fire Wall of China to maintain its domination. There are several Web sites in China, access is usually made impossible in the BBC's Chinese language website and the Facebook, YouTube and tuytr include websites such as social contacts.


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