Microchip by IBM closely meets Human Mind

International technology company IBM has claimed that a 'micro-chip, which is designed as a creative human mind is the best copy. The microchip is the main thing that's driven within any living system on this new information, re-wire 'power to the communication is resumed. Researchers say the technology could be the property of the learning process itself and the next computer to know and understand human behavior and can help the environment monitor.

The project leaders say muda drmndr emotions, feelings, consciousness and awareness of such mental powers are trying to create. The technology is called Sai nyps contains two computer chips. A means to program chip, while the other chip 262.144 65.536 modes of learning. Currently, IBM does not give details about Sai nyps processor system, but Dr. Richard Cooper, University of London, according to the system through a non-visible machine will actually receive a copy of the messages.

The 'Association of mymry Initiative is a simple system that could be derived from work bysr. Like a cat watching a mouse when we can think of. "But University College London Dr Mark Bishop Gold smths different opinion about this technology is. "Powers of mind I make the claim of a computer is nothing short of magical." IBM and its partners continue to work on Sai nyps and fans for the U.S. Advanced Research Development Agency prajyktz million dollars has been provided.


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