Social Media helpful for tackling riots in UK

British police say that certain places for the Olympics and London's Oxford Street violence has thwarted the plans.  Police say they reported the attacks through social interaction Web sites.  Assistant Police Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police said Lane auynz potential attacks, some officers estimated tuytr and outgoing messages on the BlackBerry.

Tim Goodwin, Acting Commissioner, however, say they are thinking that social contacts with authorities to shut down some sites. He added that the intelligence they have provided, but it can also be misleading. Most British politicians, media commentators and reporters and police said tuyty BlackBerry messages while in the UK played a key role in recent riots. can be reached.

Assistant Police Commissioner and the Home Affairs Committee, told auynz Lane, tuytr and BlackBerry Messenger for the Olympics through intelligence received information that certain fields of waste places (shopping centers) and Oxford Street can be targeted. He added, "We made all these places is safe and certainly there was no harm '.

Acting Commissioner Tim Goodwin said, when riots in London at the outbreak of large-scale moment when we were getting intelligence information. "He added that during the riots of social interaction sites and the information is wrong were stupid. He said police are trying to shut down their networks so that they not be used for any further stress. BlackBerry cooperation with the riot police for investigation is offered. However, Mr. Goodwin said the association refused to disclose the nature of the research strategy.


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