FA Cup Match Live on Facebook

FA Cup preliminary match of the first social interaction Web site will be broadcast live on Facebook. This year's preliminary competition match played between ayskut United, and Wembley's social contacts can be found on its web site. The competition on the Friday evening will start at seven minutes away pyntalys. The millions of people around the world will be able to compete.

List of English Football League clubs in the lower two and two clubs from the game telecast will be part of the revenue. The FA Cup match Bud uayzr new sponsor will be found on the Facebook pages and just over eighteen years of age, people will see it. The match is being played on the race course ayskat which has seating capacity of fifty thousand people.

Ayskat Chairman Mike Harrison said the club is a great thing. He says that the FA Cup losing its appeal, but the city is the noise. United ayskat lower level of the country's biggest clubs where players from each age over seventy teams. Mike Harrison said last night to watch a league match that was only Friday athasy people can match that number reaches five hundred to eight hundred. He said that millions will see the game on Facebook and it's a surprise.

FA Cup could be said that many of these events appear first match on Facebook. The first round of the competition will only be possible before the first round of the competition and TV broadcast rights were bought by N E S P.


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