Google Internet Giant announced to buy Motorola Mobility

Internet giant Google has one of the twelve decimal five billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility a deal is announced. Both companies issued a joint statement from both unanimously approved the agreement and at the end of this year or early next year will be completed.  Nexus One of Google smart phone

Motorola at the beginning of this year the company was divided into two parts. Under the agreement, the joint statement on the Google Operating System aynruyd "super charged" will help. "Motorola's aynruyd mubylty full commitment of our two companies is a natural fit." Mubylty Google announced that Motorola will run as separate businesses.

New York after the announcement of the agreement, Motorola's market share in mubylty stawn% increase in shares, though down from forty dollars per share offer when it has seen a marginal decline in Google shares. The Motorola mobile phones in the world to develop a successful company, but in recent years with Sam, and Apple has been lagging in comparison to HT-C.

The number of mobile phones already use Google's operating system aynruyd.


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