Google+ update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Google  released an update of Google+  for iPhone , iPad  and iPod touch  for iOS  Application with web searching and game support. Google+ is recently introduced social networking service competing to Facebook, which is leader till now in social networking  market. Google recently released Google+ for iPhone which allows users to give their updates to Google+ with links, photos of their members in Circles. This update of Google+ can also be downloaded from Apple iTune App Store .

Google is trying to cover more and more users to be in his social networking so this is reason that why Google is much interest in releasing such updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Post Summary:

Google: Google is a major search enginer of world wide web with having very amazing services for his users like Adsense, Adwords, Maps, Social Networking, Search, Search Images, News etc.

Google+: Google Plus is Google's new social networking website with invitation only because of its beta and limited version.


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